VJVJ Sport MAXx Trail Running Shoe

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VJVJ Sport MAXx Trail Running Shoe

VJVJ Sport MAXx Trail Running Shoe

The VJVJ Sport MAXx is a highly cushioned, light-weight trail running shoe that is especially adept over longer distances. The upper is made of breathable sandwich mesh and reinforced with strong Kevlar fibers to provide excellent protection and durability. VJ have become renowned for their sticky, grippy outsoles and the exceptional grip from the Superior Contact outsole made from VJ’s famous butyl rubber on the MAXx is no exception. The shoe provides confident climbing, descending, and traversing on a wide range of technical terrain. With a 6mm heel to toe drop, the VJ MAXx feels fast and efficient despite its high levels of cushioning. You’ll want to run fast in these shoes and that’s a great feeling!


  • Trail- and mountain running
  • Medium+ last
  • Strengthened rubber toe-cap
  • Full length RockPlate in midsole
  • Cushioning units in front and heel
  • Breathable Kevlar strengthened mesh-upper
  • 4mm butyl rubber cleats
  • Drop 6mm


When talking about off-road running, it is important the shoe feels snug and fits your foot so that you can safely move and turn wherever and whenever you want with a stable feeling. FITLOCK supports the arch steadily. The rubber material of FITLOCK protects the inside of your foot against punches from beneath.

Superior Contact

Superior Contact is an outsole that guarantees you the best grip imaginable. The lugs on the outsole are placed classically to provide good grip but are spread far enough apart to easily shed mud, clay, snow, and rocks. In the middle of the outsole, there is a special track from toes to heel providing better grip on wet terrain than a sleek outsole. Starstuds made from hard metal finish the outsole.

Inflexible Upper

When running off-road, the circumstances are often extreme. Your foot should stay still in your shoe. Even though the terrain is wet, our inflexible upper material provides a snug and comfortable fit for your feet.


Revolutionary grip without slipping. The butyl rubber outsole ensures maximum traction on various terrains, making it perfect for trail and mountain running.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use the VJVJ Sport MAXx for hiking?

While the VJVJ Sport MAXx is primarily designed for trail running, its durable construction and excellent grip make it suitable for light hiking as well.

2. Are these shoes suitable for wet conditions?

Yes, the VJVJ Sport MAXx features a butyl rubber outsole that provides exceptional grip on wet terrain, making it ideal for running in rainy or muddy conditions.

3. How is the cushioning in these shoes?

The VJVJ Sport MAXx offers high levels of cushioning with cushioning units in the front and heel. It provides a comfortable and responsive ride, even over longer distances.


The VJVJ Sport MAXx is a top-notch trail running shoe that combines comfort, durability, and exceptional grip. Whether you’re tackling technical terrains or going for long-distance runs, these shoes will provide the support and performance you need. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the thrill of running fast in the VJVJ Sport MAXx!