Crewsaver Unisex_Adult Outdoor Goods Blue 35/36 EU

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Crewsaver Unisex_Adult Outdoor Goods, Blue, 35/36 EU

An excellent boot for use in all types of marine environments

Introducing the Crewsaver Unisex_Adult Outdoor Goods, Blue, 35/36 EU – a top-of-the-line long sailing boot designed to provide ultimate comfort and protection in any marine environment. Whether you’re sailing, boating, or simply enjoying a day by the water, these boots are a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast.

Stay dry and comfortable

Featuring a drawstring and gusset at the top, these long boots are designed to keep your feet and lower legs dry, even in the wettest conditions. The specially constructed inner lining provides warmth and comfort, ensuring that you can stay out on the water for longer without discomfort.

Stay surefooted

The razor-cut grip on the sole of these boots ensures that you stay surefooted, no matter how wet the deck may be. Whether you’re launching and recovering your boat or walking along slippery slipways, decks, or paths, these boots will provide the traction you need to stay safe and stable.

Key features:

  • Drawstring and gusset topped long sailing boot
  • Excellent for launching and recovery
  • Tailored marine environment sole for wet slipways, decks, or paths
  • Broad foot design for easy donning and removal
  • Natural rubber construction for durability
  • Dry Line inner for warmth and comfort
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Are these boots suitable for all types of marine environments?
  2. Yes, these boots are designed to be used in all types of marine environments, including sailing, boating, and other water activities.

  3. How do I ensure a proper fit?
  4. These boots are available in a range of sizes. It is recommended to refer to the size chart provided by the manufacturer to ensure a proper fit.

  5. Can these boots be worn for long periods of time?
  6. Yes, the specially constructed inner lining of these boots provides warmth and comfort, making them suitable for extended use.

  7. Are these boots easy to put on and take off?
  8. Yes, the broad foot design of these boots allows for easy donning and removal.


The Crewsaver Unisex_Adult Outdoor Goods, Blue, 35/36 EU long sailing boots are the perfect companion for any outdoor enthusiast. With their drawstring and gusset top, tailored marine environment sole, and durable natural rubber construction, these boots provide the ultimate combination of comfort, protection, and traction. Don’t let wet conditions hold you back – invest in a pair of Crewsaver long sailing boots today!